Medical and Dental Staff

A Different Approach


We provide radical transparency in our process. We get your position to market and extensively screen candidates. 

We’re Different

We are completely transparent with you, the employer, in our process and keep you informed every step of the way. We canvas the market with your specific requirements and extensively screen all candidates. We take the hard work out of finding the right people for you and can minimise stress by:

  • Saving you the time-consuming task of trawling through vast numbers of online applications that are unsuitable
  • Only presenting you the best, fully-screened candidates for interview
  • Eliminate the need for a costly recruitment company which may not be specialized in your particular field

How it works


Talk To Us

Let us understand exactly the criteria you need to meet so we can match your role to the best possible candidates.


Screening Process

Candidates submit a written application online and a one-way video recording. This demonstrates a candidate’s interest and commitment. When sorting through applications we can apply whatever filters you require, such as candidate’s geographic location, experience and education.



Once a candidate has successfully passed the initial screening, they are then booked into to complete an online recorded face-to-face interview with us.



Finally, the selected candidates are required to do a competency test and a psychometric test to provide insight into the decision making. Once we narrow down a list for you, we then present our selection for you to interview.



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